Welcome to your CLIENT PORTAL

All of our current patients have access to our secure CLIENT PORTAL site. From this site, you may:

    • Book your next treatment appointment

    • Set reminders for upcoming appointments

    • Securely message my therapist

    • Participate in video appointments and calls

    • Complete any paperwork entirely online

    • Safely receive a copy of reports or other documents

Your counsellor will speak with you about how to access your account. You will receive an email once your account is active.

Click here, and click 'Forgot Password' to start setting up your secure access.

Note: if you've been given username with a "+" in the address line, please enter this as your 'email' when resetting your password. Then check your email in box as usual for the link to reset your password for the child account.

Here's a preview!

After logging in with the password you created (after clicking 'forgot my password') you will be able to see your profile with important information, including previous and future appointments. You will use this screen to join video-appointments.

While free email addresses may collect user-data, our secure messaging system offers a way to share information and files with confidence.

You will also receive, via your email, invitations to complete paperwork online, eliminating the need to 'print, sign, & scan' or try and find it before your next appointment. Example forms, completable on mobile devices and computers, appear below.

Your Client Portal is a secure place to manage all of your account and clinical information! Here's a few more examples of what you can do!