We offer both brief psychological assessments for treatment planning, and comprehensive psychoeducational assessments for individuals age 6 to 21.

Worried, depressed, angry, anxious, or unable to complete things? (online-options available)

Brief psychological assessment (cost ranging between $1000-1200, offered via online appointments) consists of interviews and checklists to offer treatment plans and home/school strategies for the following queried conditions:

Low marks in elementary or secondary school because of reading, writing, or math problems? Worried about getting the right learning support in college or university?

In addition to the above, psychoeducational assessments (cost ranging between $2500-3200, a combination of online and face-to-face appointments) also include academic, intellectual, and cognitive process tests to offer home & school strategies (& IEP / IPRC recommendations) for the following conditions:

We may be able to address other assessment questions, and please feel free to ask. We do not conduct assessments for court (including custody & access / parenting assessments) or assessments for ODSP. The results of most psychoeducational assessments completed with young children are not typically sufficient for Disability Tax Credit .

Payment for assessments is due after each appointment, and the feedback session / receiving the final report is postponed until all outstanding invoices have been settled.