The best of both worlds...

Services at KPC are often a combination of ONLINE and CLINIC appointments to best meet the needs and schedules of families. All testing appointments are in CLINIC (with exception of interview and feedback appointments). For all other services, online services have become an excellent tool, considering:

  • There is no difference in the effectiveness of in-person or online treatment in general according to the best research available

  • We find children and youth participate in online appointments much more than parents expect (even when they don't like online school)

  • Online appointments can:

    • reduce the stress of getting kids or families to appointments

    • make specialists more accessible to rural families

    • allow therapists to help with strategies in the child's home in real time

    • reduce fuel costs and environmental impact

    • decrease the time a child or parent has to sit in our waiting room

    • allow other family members to participate as needed (e.g. parents that are deployed, live in different homes, or are away for work)

Families know best what can work for their schedules. Help us make this easy for you!

We encourage clinic appointments when there is poor internet connection or our psychotherapists identify difficulty doing the work online.

We encourage online appointments when families live outside of the region, short appointments, or after-hours / weekend appointments are requested.

Here's what to expect:

If your appointment is a ONLINE appointment (our most frequent, and safe, service), we look forward to seeing you on our new secure platform through our KPC Client Portal!

If your appointment is in CLINIC (typically testing), please monitor your health prior to the appointment and let us know about any health concerns before your appointment! Masking is not required, but is encouraged if you are feeling unwell or have had close contact with ill individuals.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us. Thanks for your understanding!