Tips for your telepsychology appointment

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact your psychologist / therapist via email or call our office at (613) 690-6336.

You'll receive an invitation to meet with your therapist. Click the button 'Link to Online Portal' link. 

Documents, such as consent forms or questionnaires, will appear in another email. Check your 'junk folder' if you don't see an email.  

Enter your email and your password to enter the Client Portal. (If you do not yet have a password, click 'Forgot Password' and set up a strong password you'll remember.)

The 'Join' button will not allow you to join the meeting until 30 minutes prior to your session. You may wish to join earlier than your appointment time to check audio or video settings. 

The system will allow you to configure your audio and video devices prior to starting the meeting. 

If you are using multiple devices, it is recommended you aren't in the same room to minimize feedback. 

You may wish to use earphones to prevent others in your home from overhearing. Ensure you aren't connected to any other Bluetooth device (such as a Smart TV). 

It is normal to receive a message like the one pictured prior to your appointment. This allows further time to adjust any settings or gather an pen & paper. 

That's it! Thank-you so much for joining us on the call!

If you are unable to join the video conference, please email your therapist, use the secure messenger feature, or call the office at 613 690 6336. 

If you are accessing from a mobile device, click the 'down arrow' at the bottom of your screen to access call controls, such as mute, turning your camera off, and removing yourself from the session.